Bonnie or Johnny

Nazi lover with cheekbones high and smooth

will you still love me in World War Three?

Will fascist boots break my neck for a color?

Someone wrote human kind are dead, moving dead.

We have lost our daddies, friends try to bring them back.

Daddy went home. He and momma are smoking weed

in the neverlands of purgatory, heaven, hell, maybe paradise.

We don’t know now do we dear? What’s next? What’s not?

Could be cold, could be hot. Could be Johnny or Bonnie

flying in from Montgomery on a six-string or a smooth slide.

We know Nazi girl that no one knows the sound of black boots like us.

Heartbreak Jive

Left arm jiving

motel swinging sign

fingers popcorn poppin’

feet sliding doors dancing

to a tune in my head.

Rhythm ruckus like mob love

sixth avenue never gave a hoot

about singing my heartache.


Don’t get lost in the talk, the babbling brooks,

the winds of change, and missile whistles.

Remain quiet and catch fireflies,

turn them into the thoughts you need.

Your thoughts are fireflies.

Your reality is babbling brooks,

tornadoes, and violent ocean waves.

Stay grounded and be quiet, fireflies.

will lead you to Mother Earth

from which we come, to which we go,

hence we are but fireflies ourselves.

Find your tree and listen.

Wake Up Maggie

My friend lay alone with violin

pressed against his lifeless chest.

Folks gathered saying the things

people say to the dead.

Doesn’t he look nice,

he’s in a better place,

whose idea the violin, nice touch.

I’ve known him for so many years.

I would’ve liked to seen

that burled oak fiddle pressed against his chin

playing “Amazing Grace” or some lonesome

Neil Young or Willie Nelson.

I’d preferred to see his crooked smile

laughing at his sour B flat.

I know him.

Instead of a funeral dirge

Alison Krauss would make us all sing.

Dolly Parton might have made him

rise from the casket to do the jitterbug.

Oh hell, even Susan Tedschi and the Truckee Band

could have rocked those stiffs staring up to heaven.


That aint for me

I’m thinking I’ll find John and George

chilling at some eternal beach

Gin and Tonic for me,

Brandy for the boys

with their best friend Maggie McGee.

Dark Ice

My dream made of diamonds

brings a rainbow into me,

into me, into you, into us.

We sang our song in harmony

two lovers holding hands on a dark lake of ice.

We skate together in a motion of love.

Tangled in weeds of passion we make it to a starlit sky,

At last we float backwards to that first kiss,

back to that rainbow kiss,

a refraction of our hearts.

Shakin’ My Shade

Don’t shade my shake baby.

I been heatin’ the dance floor

before you were born, before your mama

tasted the hot spat of tequila on her tongue.

I see you out there movin’ like a parakeet

in a windstorm, screechin’ just as loud.

You laugh, you smile, and you show those nipples

like  a national treasure to be studied.

So you don’t like my words, my music you say,

not like the classics.  Well hell

go back in your time rocket and make poetry great again

There’s nothing stoppin’ you, maybe some greenbacks eh?


There’s nothing better than a wild fandango,

a fedora, and a pint of rum. Makes the girls

swing their hips a little faster, their smiles

widen to the thought of a night dancing,

foggy dreams, sweet smelling cigars, leather boots,

just to top it off  a ride home with a bad boy

with hands reaching for the unreachable.

I met you there once and you smacked my hands

before we reached my forty-nine Chevy, lesson learned.


Simon and Garfunkel sang their song about silence.

I kneeled before the storm ripping away my home.

There would be no call to prayer tonight. I have been swallowed.

Nature tore me from my nest and set me free.  Freedom

is what we scream for, cry for, and fight for, but today freedom

chose me, finally becoming the master of my fate.

Maria Lena

Maria Lena

Just a matter of heartbeats

green line bleeping

sparrow wings whispering

in silence on a hot summer swell

keeps us cocoon safe

should one heart cease

the other will surely follow.

We danced moonlight naked

our love the greatest miracle

I am certain in the whole wide world

like an ocean and wet sand

we stood breathless

swaying to cicada orchestras

Maria Lena plays from somewhere

beneath a starlit night

smoke wafting its way

fire pit pungeant

lips kiss lightly

soon the world stopped

for just a moment tilting

on its axis throwing you

deeper into me

it is meant to be.