Damned if time is waiting for you.

Whatever time means

just numbers on a piece of paper,

manmade hope and loss of memory.

We invented time and time disappears

without thought of you and I.

The world turns and with each turn

we gain a gray hair, a toothache,

wrinkles, somebody named Jesus,

his buddies God and something called

the Holy Ghost. All of whom fit into

an SUV, preferably a Toyota. For them

there’s no such thing called time.

We are the only creatures forgetting,

planning, hoping, and wishing for time.


  1. genuinearticlex7 · 10 Days Ago

    Actually the Universe is a clock. God invented time. He lives outside it.


    • sdgrimes · 10 Days Ago

      You’re right of course…thanks for stopping by my friend.


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