The Leper Speaks

It’s a lovely day,

think I’ll take a walk across the Jordon,

walk on water for awhile, heal a leper,

and bend daddy’s rules

for just an hour maybe two.

I am the God no one knows.

I try to wipe clean

my miseries and unclean fantasies.

Plunge my nakedness into the river,

deep and pungent the smells of man

never leave the swirling slicks,

oils of our fathers and their fathers.

Mother Mary stopped by in her Vera Wang

fresh off the hangers at Saks on Fifth

snug yet quite revealing

the cross of her father’s.

City lights burn yellow in darkness

the lights leave but not the yellow

LA my kind of town

pimps and whores, rock n roll

designer jeans for short fat men

like me and my uncle

he’s dead now

I’m next.