His Memory

His Memory

The lantern cast shadows
like so many tentacles
reaching to each corner
in the dank dusty room.

An old woman stared sadly
a young man’s picture
framed and time yellowed
she once loved him fiercely.

Outside wind whispered life
through cracked windows
with eyes vacant
time robbed her of expression.

Secretly she kissed the picture
tucking it deep inside
her heart broken chest
and slowly began to die.


  1. Sidharth · March 24

    I could feel the woman’s despair and emotional agony. Thank you for sharing such an emotionally intense post! According to your convenience, would request you to please read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. 🙂

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    • sdgrimes · March 24

      I have sent you an email my friend. Marvelous words

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      • Sidharth · March 24

        My heart melted with joy upon reading your email Stan. I’ve replied back to you. 😊 I hope your blog continues to blossom into something beautiful.

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