Please Send Sleeping Oil

Watching tonight’s local news the lead story was about “two men at a gas station got into an argument which led to a shooting.” Why the hell is that? Why do arguments in today’s gun toting, rebel flag waving world lead to a shooting? Whatever happen to the days when an argument led to a black eye or maybe two guys telling each other to fuck off, getting in their respective junk cars, and speeding out of the gas station and going home to their Poodle skirted girlfriends?

Something’s happened to social etiquette. It’s dead I tell you. Politics aside, are you shitting me. Politics aside doesn’t work. Politics is forefront on almost everyone’s mind. The more liberals try to discuss the fact that our current president is Satan, so-called Christians cry foul, “God has chosen this one to be the Second Coming of Christ!” What! “Christ? This guy would make this Christ guy blush.” Hell, he makes me blush. If there is such an entity named God and he is all powerful, all love, all pure, and all intelligent. Why would he allow such an mindless pervert to lead the so-called greatest nation on earth. For those of you who apparently talk to this God frequently please ask him. Just for giggles I’d like to know the Big Guy’s reason for letting this empty head win the election. We could’ve had Mitt or Hillary, but “Nooooooooooooooooo!” This mega-mouth had to win.

Am I angry? Of course I am, but unlike many of the progressive ilk I still sleep well at night and my day for dying will remain unchanged. Our country might split into or have a civil war (same thing really), but I will remain steadfast in speeding towards my date with the grim reaper (is there really such a guy?).

For all of you Americans out there accidentally reading this, good luck. If you have any CBD or snake oil to take tonight please do. Life will continue tomorrow.