I guess it’s time to change my mind.

So often I wonder why I am here, here and now.

Light is dimmer today, more so than yesterday.

My world is spinning. Things once thrilling

now just empty rivers seeking lowlands to follow.


First I wanted to fight a war,

drink a beer to the King and his men.

War made no difference in me,

but love broke me like a wild pony

giving way to a heavy dude’s hand.


I wanted gentle nights but slaps in my face

broke the genteel. I cried no more,

no more until my Fall season

brought smells of falling leaves and regeneration

Sometimes that’s how it works.


It hurts. Those many years ago you hurt.

I had no tears for you but you hurt me.

I know it’s a double entendre,

two-way mirrors and all

but you never kept a picture did you?