Before we met

I swam in a sea with no shoreline.

Hoping you would glance my way

I smiled at those green eyes

They never smiled back.

That’s okay, I’m different now.

My hair stacked like straw,

my dreams danced in a dark place.

I saw you with a man of means,

black Mercedes, I was just a straw man..

When young did you know

someone like that?

The smell of violets and oranges

Ah yes such restless winds of youth

cause young minds to wonder about the unreachable.

I will never forget

even if forgetting is my safest road.

I remember the wrongs,

the rights, sins, and fretful hands

searching for a warm touch.

At sixteen I knew nothing,

only testosterone,

the mother of desire,

desire for those green eyes,

but you never looked did you?