Green Grannys

It all started with Adam and his wife, Eve.

Adam usually winched when god told a joke or two.

After all it was his gift of a rib unkindly ripped out of his chest

to create his fruit loving,apple chomping wife.

Who thought it would be a great idea?  Let’s see

Adam’s lonesome I’m going to severely injure the guy

so he’ll be happy.  God told the couple not to eat any of those dam apples.

What the hell happened.  Some slithering snake said come on it’ll be cool

to eat those wormless, sweet Golden Delicious (that was before Green Grannys.

Tell me Adam was having a blast, I dare you.  I stopped eating apples last year.

My wife kept toying with my chest, not good sweety.

I’ll just hang on to my own ribs thank you.  No new kids for me.