Answer This

Isn’t that how it starts, the Bible, every word of it?  In the beginning like there was never anything before the words were created, but who wrote them?  Somebody must have been there with their Kodak camera or their sharpened pencil.  Maybe they were like war correspondents.  I don’t know, do you?  It has been explained to me by some of the finest ministers I’ve ever known that Genesis and other books of the Old Testament were simply verbal folklore passed from one generation to another which makes the stories a little sketchy.


I guess sketchy works for religion.  It works well for UFO and Bigfoot sightings too and perhaps just as dependable.  This small book of suffering contains purely my sufferings with truth.  I don’t understand the same truth as many religionists.  My truth doesn’t coincide or correspond with theirs.  It seems to me that each sect of religion interprets their book of rules differently, Jew, Gentile, Muslim, Hindu, or whatever.  Different sects read their own belief system from the same set of rules, kind of like politicians.


My truth?  My truth is what I see and what I see are a bunch of people who hate each other but believe in a loving God.  Now what is that about?  Your God tells you to love one another, not just someone who sits next to you at church with bad teeth.  Yet you continuously disobey the suggestions made by God.  Someone explain this to me because I’m lost.


Allah tells you to love and be kind.  Instead you wrap a stupid bomb around yourselves and blow a marketplace up.  I’m lost which means you’re lost.  If two plus two makes four your actions only make three out of the math problems, doesn’t work.


I have so many questions and no answers.  Maybe you can help me answer the questions.  Maybe you have the same questions.  Maybe you have thoughts of possibilities.  You know the “what ifs” of this life often unanswered, perhaps unimaginable.  I do hope you enjoy the trip.  Don’t count the stripes on the highway just close your eyes and enjoy.  Oh, I forgot you can’t close your eyes.  Keep them open.  You need them in order to drive.