We’re Partying Tonight


Judging a world hero, how

many times can he disassemble his gun,

 how many times can he dream a dream,

how many of the enemy’s severed ears can drape his neck?

You know don’t you RA77-398-481?

Granny get your gun and run to Da Nang.

big dance sweating it up tonight

featuring three full birds, two stars, and Corporal Bagget

bleeding today’s innards for entertainment. Hail,

hail the gangs all here. Rub your nose into your buddy’s

broken heart.  You’ll be the first to know Corporal Bagget

cause the colonel is bringing the weed and his mother’s seed.

Nothing changes, the thump of mortars christen thee Tommy Bagget.

Crunch goes the dog tags, no black bags tonight.

Bagget was the quartermaster.