Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Today’s my birthday,

I’m seventy-two,

still young enough to sing

still young enough to screw.

After all, I’m seventy-two.

It’s a milestone

it’s an edible stone

it’s a dream of strip bars,

magic trips with red pills,

the green ones hide you from the world.

I still remember bell bottom jeans

hairy chests for girls to see

and if you can’t be near the one you love,

love the one your with.

Now that I’m shrinking

closer to the infamous

six-foot hole

I want to dance with sore knees,

breathe with a plastic hose,

dream about those city hoes

laugh at my old military buddies

float once again on the shrooms

kiss my son on his wrinkling forehead,

think about a godless world.

I could have done better

climbed the ladder

to a successful mountain top.

Instead I chose the road

travelled by just a few.

I see them now

at night in my dreams.

Happy Birthday.