Tales From the Red Shoe Diner

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Tales from the Red Shoe Diner


Stan Grimes

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Published by:

Stan Grimes

Tales from the Red Shoe Diner

Copyright © 2012 by Stan Grimes

Table of Contents


Tales From the Red Shoe Diner

The Walk In

Immaculate Conception

Noah Stops By

Another Day in Paradise


Tales from the Red Shoe Diner somehow has morphed into an anthology of sorts.  I wrote these stories at separate times in my life, but somehow they were all related to each other.  I guess they could be called family members that finally met each other at a reunion, members who didn’t know the other members even existed.  They’re all blood relatives and have much in common but sometimes disagreed ideologically.

Like most families my friends who visit the diner are composed of a bunch of personalities. There of course are the deep thinkers, the rednecks, the…

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