A Toast


Here’s to the blackened doorsteps

the darkened hallways tainted with hate,

abandonment, and disdain for the ugly side.

It is the ugly side isn’t it, those with meth

pocks needle tracks let’s sing halleluiah

to Jesus who dared to duck out of town at the sight.


Let’s hear a halleluiah for the hanging trees,

rope burned necks of rape victims, the tainted whores

of Babylon.  Give praise to God for the brown skinned

woman hiding in a forgotten alley near Damascus.

She is alone like graves in an isolated cemetery covered

by the poor man’s projects of war torn Detroit.


Drink up all of you without sin without shadows

in your souls glass houses each and every one.

No judgment day, no Armageddon, no exit, no excuse

egotistical harshness to your fellow crusaders will end

on that special day when vacuum meets air

wealth is not excluded from the jaws of Mother Earth.