Generic Suicide

Generic Suicide

I don’t want to die but I’ve been told soon.

That’s it. There’s no more to say.

Everything said after your doctor’s pronouncement

is a cheap toy, a pointless war, and forgotten.

“Eat healthy, exercise, fuck all night, and die.”

No matter medications, poverty kills.

Try generic, I am generic and living in denial.

Unless you were born in the back of Lincoln Continental,

there is no golden spoon, no preferential kiss from a nurse,

no balloons tied to your golf cart and the beat goes on.

Take me god to the Trump Towers in Moscow,

whip me until I bleed, call me naughty, and fire up the furnace.

The oven waits with a gruesome three thousand dollar smile

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  1. MG WELLS · May 1, 2018

    Wishing all is well in your world. Enjoy the journey and best wishes ;O)

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