The Last of Goodness

Standing high on a cliff stood a man in a white flowing robe billowing against an invisible wind.  His skin was black, as black as the ink you use when signing your death certificate.  No one knows him for he is invisible to the human race.  The man or being has a name, and one that not many could understand.  Humans bold enough to think they know him gave him several other names, but none of them belonged to him. He created nothing, punished no one, and loved no one.  His name is Good and the mount upon which Good stood had been created from those who worshipped a God that he was not.  His only companion was his pure white friend, the wolf.

The white wolf followed Good everywhere and it was his sole duty to remind Good of the juts and jetties in his journey.  After all Good was not perfect and needed guidance from the wisdom provided by his purist of companions, wolf.

Humankind did not understand his purity or the real purpose of his existence.  His hands did not touch the heart of humans.  Instead it was necessary for humans to seek out his assistance in their journey through life but Good could not always be their guiding principle and often was left behind.

The ancient story tells that Good was abandoned by the multitude so the day he stood on the edge of the cliff was the day he left the earth leaving only his lifelong companion the White Wolf.  The White Wolf seeks solitude in mountains and places unreachable by humans and his desire to exist is only a longing understood by the wisest of natives inhabiting Mother Earth.